Léon Prunier

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Jaime Wisniak


Léon Prunier (1846-1906), a French pharmacist and physician, who studied the synthesis of polypropylene hydrocarbons by the reaction of propylene bromide with nascent hydrogen prepared by different means, and the synthesis of ethylene acetylene; proving that the latter was identical with crotonylene. Together with R. David they synthesized a variety of high melting point unsaturated hydrocarbons by the pyrolysis of American petroleum. His main contribution was the study of quercitol, its preparation by means of lead acetate, its physical and chemical properties, as well as its reaction with a wide range of chemicals. He proved that the thermal decomposition of quercitol at high temperatures led to synthesis of aromatic compounds, among them, hydroquinone, quinhydrone, and benzene.

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Jaime Wisniak, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer-Sheva, Israel

Profesor emeritus, Chemical enginneering