Por uma práxis social comunitária em Análise do Comportamento

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Cândido Flores Júnior
Lucas Córdova


Based on the traditional departure from the Behavior Analysis in relation to the humanities and the social reality of the majority of the population, our proposal is to discuss the interlocution possibility between own objectives of a communitarian social praxis and radical behaviorist projects. As analysis focus, are presented questions about radical behavioral philosophy and its social and cultural approach, while Community Social Psychology is presented as a politicization movement from psychology in the Latin American context, in a praxiological perspective for social transformation through actions communities. By their praxiological orientation, the Community Social Psychology objectives are, at the same time, work goals, ethical-political values and theoretical categories. Of these, we approached the popular awareness, demanding an approach about the subject of the sensibility and self-knowledge; the autonomy strengthening, described in terms about favoring the effectiveness in social countercontrol, in self-control and search for equity; and the confrontation to the fatalism, discussed on perspective of the dispute between essentialist ideologies and a historical understanding about the social control processes. We analyze the possibilities of interlocution between concepts and ethical-political demands, as well the implications for to do behavior analysis. Our findings indicate the possibility of a radical behaviorist understanding about such objectives, as well as the coherence of its praxiological appropriation. It is pointed out the community social praxis approach and populational majorities, as a proposal of responsible insertion of behavioral analysts in the social relevance themes and the form of implementation of social transformation projects in the scope of Radical Behaviorism. 

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Flores Júnior, C., & Córdova, L. (2019). Por uma práxis social comunitária em Análise do Comportamento. Acta Comportamentalia: Revista Latina De Análisis Del Comportamiento, 27(4). Recuperado a partir de https://journals.unam.mx/index.php/acom/article/view/72030