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Carolina Depetris


Rousseau is not a thinker who has been recovered by the philosophy of the 20th century and so far in the 21st. His thought, however, remains valid. Why? In this issue of INTER DISCIPLINA we outline some probable answers to this question, and we do so from different disciplinary fronts. The philosophical answers are found in the essay by Antonio Marino López and in the interview with Luis Antonio Velasco; the historical ones, in the work of Fernanda Valencia Suárez; the literary ones, in the one by Romina España, and, the aesthetic ones, in the essay by Carolina Depetris. The comentary of the book of Lacoue-Labarthe, by Selma Rodal Linares, reviews the relationship that art has with politics in Rousseau. We wanted, with this interdisciplinary reading, to honor the breadth of his thought. 


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